Crash Course in Confidence Step 5

A 5-step formula to jumpstart your confidence in just 5 days

Step 1 Accept
Step 2 Visualize
Step 3 Identify
Step 4 Declare
Step 5 Manifest

Step 5: Manifest

Manifesting your dreams into reality

Look at you go! You’ve got clarity about what you want, are taking action to make it a reality, and you’re finding all kinds of confidence along the way. All there is to do now is surrender to the process and let it happen.

You can’t manifest things in your life until you’ve gone through the steps to uncover your ideal life, identified the gaps, and gotten super clear on what you actually want.

All of this will lead you back to the how — the consistent and aligned steps you need to take to make your declaration a reality.

After that, all that’s left to do is surrender to serendipity.

While taking YUOLOGY, I was inspired to write a business plan in 30 days for my now-thriving fashion retail business. I’m finally aligned with my passion, and I love what I do every day!

Jigme, Co-Founder, Mine & Yours Luxury Resale

My confidence skyrocketed since taking YUOLOGY. I feel like a whole new woman has emerged out of me, and I can finally say that I’m proud of who I am.

Vanja, Credit Analyst at Herschel Supply Co.

Tonia is not only a beautiful person inside and out, she also possesses a positive, vibrant aura that’s contagious when you’re around her, and you can’t help but feel inspired.

Christina, Executive Assistant