YUOLOGY for Business

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Now more than ever, people are facing uncertainty, and are lacking confidence in themselves, their jobs and lives.

Whether companies are booming, or downsizing, change is constant.

During this unpredictable time, companies are struggling with team morale, office culture and employee retention. In fact, 70% of North Americans have reported that they’re negative about their current work positions and 50% are disengaged.

When employees feel this way, they tend to have poor communication, take extra long breaks, and be unproductive; resulting in extra costs for the company, while affecting the rest of the team.

YUOLOGY can help

YUOLOGY is a step-by-step life design framework created to take your employees from disengaged to empowered.

It teaches success by being who you are, and is based on connecting to five internal elements: Vulnerability, Authenticity, Curiosity, Intention and Intuition.

It’s literally the study of YOU, and over the past five years, founder Tonia Mattu, has worked with over 500 people, who have applied the framework, and made major transformations in their lives. Read success stories.

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YUOLOGY for Business

YuSchool is the online application of YUOLOGY, and it’s a transformational 6-week course that teaches confidence, clarity, and the courage to take initiative.

The curriculum was designed to be completed over a six week period, with an average of two to three hours per week, listening to course videos, doing the exercises, and recording progress in a personal workbook.

The material is flexible and can be accessed at anytime – from anywhere! Whether students choose to download the videos and listen at home in their pyjamas, on their daily commute to work, or while at the gym – the choice is theirs.

Students can take YuSchool as a group or on an individual basis.

YuSchool will help your employees…

  • Let go of the notion of obtaining perfection, resulting in less overall stress
  • Gain a better sense of self and innate capabilities
  • Heighten their level of imagination and creativity
  • Develop an inquiring mind to see things differently and observe more fully
  • Be more receptive and open to change
  • Gain clarity on what they want
  • Become more conscious and aware of surroundings
  • Optimize positive thoughts and disregard negative ones
  • Have more energy and focus on wellbeing

What’s included…

  • An onboarding session, optional weekly in person check-ins, and a graduation session with Tonia.
  • The entire YuSchool curriculum, delivered to your employees inbox in manageable weekly packages.
  • 37 professionally produced videos, 25 subjects, easy-to-apply tools, and meditations to keep your team on track.
  • A 100 page YuSchool workbook full of applied exercises that complement each subject, and shows them how to actually change their habits — not just think about it.
  • A YuCrew — colleagues working the system together, who will keep each other accountable, and inspire their brightest, boldest selves.

Interested in bringing YUOLOGY to your business?