You’re probably here because you’re feeling...
  • STUCK. You can’t make a decision without weighing out a million scenarios, binge watching 10 hours of Netflix, making a dozen pros/cons lists, and eating your entire stock of cheat day chocolate.
  • FAKE. You’re posting pretty pictures of a perfect life, but they’re so far from your reality “imposter” could be your middle name.
  • LOST. Two words: Cross. Roads. You’re at one. It’s scary. The opportunity to re-invent yourself is right there, but you can’t even take one tiny step forward.
Good news, ladies:

All of your problems can be solved by one simple, beautiful, powerful solution:

Success starts the moment you choose to be you.

YuSchool is a game changing six-week course designed to give you confidence in who you are, clarity in what you want, and the courage to design your dream life.

Join hundreds of students who have manifested their dream lives using the YUOLOGY life design framework.

If you’re lacking direction and trust in yourself, your day may look a lot like this:
  • You feel like your cubicle is a suffocating jail cell
  • You’re counting the seconds until your next vacation day
  • You act like a wallflower in meetings because you feel so out of place
  • You’re contemplating quitting your job or going travelling to “find yourself”
  • You’re shopping, partying, taking multiple latte breaks at work – anything to avoid the ordinary
  • You’re FaceTiming your mom on the daily to gripe about your problems, and bitch about your life
  • You spend more time comparing yourself on social media than with your best friends
  • You still feel like you’re in a jail cell, only this time it’s solitary confinement
  • The “laptop lifestyle” has lost its appeal because you can barely pay your bills
  • Being your own boss feels like a load of bullshit
  • You’ve taken the plunge to make your side hustle the real deal, and nothing’s going as planned
  • You’re writing crazy to-do lists and creating massive goals that you can’t possibly measure up to
  • You’re home, alone, in your pyjamas, and you haven’t washed your hair in three days
  • Freedom feels like a pipe dream
Either way, there’s a good chance you’re staring out your window, thinking WTF — Is this really my life?! and scrambling to find a way to make it right.

While taking YUOLOGY, I was inspired to write a business plan in 30 days for my now-thriving fashion retail business. I’m finally aligned with my passion, and I love what I do every day!

Jigme, Co-Founder, Mine & Yours Luxury Resale

My confidence skyrocketed since taking YUOLOGY. I feel like a whole new woman has emerged out of me, and I can finally say that I’m proud of who I am.

Vanja, Credit Analyst at Herschel Supply Co.

Tonia is not only a beautiful person inside and out, she also possesses a positive, vibrant aura that’s contagious when you’re around her, and you can’t help but feel inspired.

Christina, Executive Assistant

Watching Beyonce kill it onstage, posting inspirational mantras to your Insta feed, and going to yoga retreats are mad inspiring and hella empowering.

But without a step-by-step framework to follow, you’ll be left feeling temporarily inspired, not knowing what to actually do to change your life.

YuSchool is a 25-step framework designed to connect you to the most important factor to your success: You.

You’ll never go wrong by learning more about yourself, however YuSchool is especially right for you if:
You’re a stuck 9-5’er, who:
  • Is climbing the corporate ladder and find it totally unfulfilling and uninspiring — you know there’s more out there, you just don’t know what.
  • Is unconsciously going through the motions, but you want deeper purpose, more meaning, and a life worth living.
  • Knows you have loads of potential and were made for more — but have no idea what to do about it.
  • Wishes you were more courageous, but have been seduced by the security and structure of your current situation.
You’re a stressed entrepreneur, who:
  • Jumped into flying solo — and feel like you’re falling flat. You want your confidence back, with better results for your business.
  • Sometimes feels like a lonely soldier — building your dream all by yourself. You crave a community where there’s no judgement and you can be 100% authentic.
  • Is tired of compromising your friendships, your relationship, your well-being… you want your whole self back.
  • Is noticing that the F word (failure) has a regular spot in your daily self-talk. You’re sabotaging yourself, and it’s resulting in one hell of a case of paralysis. You want freedom from the cage you’ve put yourself in.
Whether you’re uninspired in an office, or doubting your ability to build your empire, there’s a gap between who you are today and who you want to be.

Sound familiar? This course is for you.

Thoughts you might be having...

  • I should just accept that I’m ordinary.
  • I’m not pretty / rich / smart / talented / young enough to have my dream life.
  • Everyone else is doing better than I am.
  • I’ve never stood out before, and nothing I do will change that.
  • So many people have it worse than me — who am I to want more?
  • Only selfish, greedy people get everything they want.

Claim your power.
Own your badass self.
Get the life you deserve.

Who Am I to Help You?

Girl, I’ve done it all: left a “perfect” corporate job, moved to New York City where I didn’t know a soul, been offered jobs with some of the biggest media corporations in the world, become a certified coach and NLP practitioner, traveled solo to almost 30 countries, coached executives during the 2008 financial crisis, started my own business… the list goes on.

I’ve also felt completely alone and lost, lacked confidence and clarity, sat in my cubicle wondering what to do next, re-invented myself multiple times, started over… and over… and over.

And the only thing that holds true after all these experiences is that success only happens when you choose to be you — boldly, confidently, and unapologetically.

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Tonia has coached executives from

Immediately after taking YUOLOGY, I went on a date with a man who is now my loving-husband!

Jigme, Co-Founder, Mine & Yours Luxury Resale

As a result of taking YUOLOGY, I am now painting and selling artwork, and I met some amazing people in the Yu community who have turned into meaningful connections and lifelong friends.

Millie, Lawyer

Within 5 months of taking YUOLOGY, my husband has been able to leave his 9-5 job of 16 years and join me in our business!

Michelle, Business Coach, New Media Life Consulting

Being you doesn’t have to be so difficult

In YuSchool, you can expect to:
  • Learn who you are & what you stand for.
  • Access the insane amount of power you already have inside you, and learn how to use it to get what you want.
  • Get clarity on what your dream life actually looks like — and develop a strategy to get there.
  • Attract crazy abundance (when you radiate that much confidence, you can’t help but bring in the good stuff).
  • Accept your whole self — the good, the bad, the let’s-not-go-there — and learn how ALL of it is essential for your success.
  • Give up the belief, once and for all, that you can’t do it, or you’re not worth it.
  • Set goals that are actually aligned with what you want — not what everyone else says you should do.
  • Become a manifesting machine and serendipity siren.

…. Or you can stay stuck. Your call.

What You Get

(The Course Breakdown)

Module 1: Vulnerability

To be Courageous

Accept your imperfections so you can embrace change with brave, badass courage.

  • Awareness and Acceptance

    Learn that external circumstances do not affect your self worth.

  • Limiting Beliefs

    Identify the blocks that are holding you back from your most boss self.

  • Raw and Real

    Understand that perfection is a losing battle, and imperfection is what makes you unstoppable.

  • Fear of the Unknown

    Make uncertainty and risk your BFFs to create the life you really want.

  • Truth and Courage

    Own the shit out of your strengths — and weaknesses! — to create real connection with yourself and the world.

Module 2: Authenticity

To be Empowered

Uncover your unique gifts, and express YOU with bold confidence and no boundaries.

  • Fear of Success

    Learn how to cuddle up with your fear — if it shows up, it means you’re getting closer to your authentic self.

  • Death and Rebirth

    Let go of the old you and let your new, true self emerge.

  • Betrayal vs. Compromise

    Say goodbye to your authenticity and your power if you don’t learn how to manage your integrity. (Hint: We’ll teach you how to manage your integrity).

  • Awareness

    Discover your unique gifts, and the bold impact you bring to the world.

  • Acknowledging your Power

    Believe, once and for all, that you are enough. Today. No changes required.

Module 3: Curiosity

To be Hopeful

See your life from different perspectives, change your point of view, and uncover your limitless potential.

  • Human Being, Not Human Doing

    Get busy being the most badass version of you.

  • Reinvent YOU

    Try on new versions of you like you try on shoes — until you find the perfect fit.

  • Happy Habits

    Rewire your brain for an attitude of gratitude.

  • Context Choice

    Develop the ability to shift perspective in the moment, to create the best scenario for you.

  • Assumptions

    Discover all the possible realities in every situation so you never make an Ass out of U and ME (get it — don’t A-S-S-U-M-E anything!).

Module 4: Intention

To be Aligned

Find out what you want, WHY you want it, and align your actions with your desires.

  • Clarity, Choice, Re-Design

    Design goals you can crush for a life that you love.

  • Fail Again, Fail Better

    Learn to see the F-Word (failure) in a whole new light.

  • Joy in the Process

    Appreciate the journey while crushing goals like a boss.

  • Aura of Influence

    Discover the importance of #squadgoals — who you spend the most time with will have a massive impact on your life.

  • Cause and Effect

    Your choices are creating your legacy — so choose carefully.

Module 5: Intuition

To be Present

Tap into the power in you, find your flow, and radiate your beautiful presence.

  • Sabotage

    Learn to shut down self-sabotage and listen to your voice of reason.

  • Grace Under Fire

    Find your flow no matter how insane life gets.

  • Pay Attention

    Get fully in touch with your spidey senses.

  • Letting Go

    You know that super annoying thing you’ve been holding onto? How’s that working out for you? Learn how to Let. It. GO.

  • Leave Room for Serendipity

    Release, surrender, and trust the process, baby!

Are you ready?

Finding confidence and clarity will change your life.

YuSchool gives you concrete tools and a proven framework that may have you:

  • Dressing exactly how you want and not giving an F.
  • Asking for that raise or promotion you know you deserve.
  • Taking a vacation because you want to, not because it’s convenient or cheap.
  • Shopping where you want — no more red-tag, bargain bin sales.
  • Attracting the clients you actually want to work with.
  • Hanging with other lady-bosses who support you through the shit storms, and give you mad love when you’re rising from the ashes.
  • Charging what you’re worth, no apologies, no explanations.
  • Ditching the box hair dye and the DIY mani-pedis, and upping your treat yo’self game.
  • Falling in love with a man who makes you weak in the knees, and adores you for the woman you are.
  • Learning to use that beautiful two-letter word — no — when you have as much on your plate as an all-you-can eat Vegas buffet.
  • Crushing your health and fitness goals — not because you’re desperate to change yourself, but because you love how it makes you feel.
  • Buying a $5 avocado whenever the hell you want.
  • Making an impact and a bold impression with your presence alone — no faking it, no attention-grabbing, zero desperation — just you, with confidence.

Don't quit your daydream.

I wasn’t serious about my business until I took YUOLOGY. Then everything changed. My sales increased by 40% over the next 2 months, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been!

Jas, Creative Director, Black Dahlia Press

Since YUOLOGY, I have a new found passion for a job I was bored with, I can confidently express my thoughts and ideas that I used to be afraid to say, and I’m finally feeling at peace with myself.

Shanyn, TV Producer

YUOLOGY is an incredibly powerful experience! I started a fitness routine, and lost 15 lbs in 3 months, and I launched my online fashion business in just 8 weeks!

Dee, Fashion Designer and Business Owner, Pink Tea

In YuSchool, you’ll learn a step-by-step formula that’ll give you:


Your life, in flow. Things come easily, without scrambling against the current. Wealth, in terms of so much more than just cash.


Your boss squad. Lady bosses who share your values, know your dreams, and love you — and all your imperfections.


This F-word becomes your new normal — no more boundaries, no more restrictions. A free and liberated lifestyle.


Express your biggest, boldest self and walk to the beat of your own drum. Own it, girl.


The universe starts listening. Chance encounters, unexpected wins, and flashes of genius start showing up because you know exactly who you are, and what you want.


Guess what? You get to say what success really is, and then make it happen — on your own terms.

The power is in you to change your life.

How YuSchool Works:

  • YuSchool is a step-by-step life design framework made up of 5 progressive modules.
  • Each module contains 5 subjects that were carefully curated to give you real results in your life.
  • Every subject is delivered in a beautifully produced video, and you can also download the audio, so you can do YuSchool when you’re on the move.
  • The subjects are also accompanied by a YuSheet — a practical exercise that helps you apply what you’ve learned directly to your life.
  • This course is all about taking action — not just talking about how you want your life to change.
  • Whether you choose to do YuSchool at your own pace (and binge watch it like a Netflix series), or take it in weekly chunks with a community of badass bosses, you’ll be given the tools, resources, support and framework you need to make real change in your life.

How YuSchool is Delivered:

  • 37 professionally produced, interactive videos, delivered on an easy-to-use learning platform
  • A 100-page workbook (PDF), including tools and exercises that you immediately apply to your real life
  • The ability to download audio from each video so you can listen to YuSchool while on a run, on the bus, or travelling to some fabulous destination
  • A set 6 week schedule to keep you on track and on target — you’ll be emailed every week with your new module and guided through the week to come. Or a self-paced format, if that’s your style — you get to choose.
  • A private Facebook group for you and fellow YuBosses (from your class), where you can ask questions, get feedback, and get all kinds of love through the process
  • Weekly live, 90-minute Q&A sessions with Tonia to get some up-front advice and guidance for making the most of YuSchool.
  • A resource list of must-read books, insightful podcasts and amazing talks to keep you inspired and moving forward
  • For those who love one-on-one sessions, there’s even an option to get a little more Tonia time (Check out our Yu with Tonia option)
  • Some special goodies that have helped me along the way
  • And sooooo much more…..

So, will you stay stuck?

Or are you FINALLY ready to break out of your cage, own your power, and find success on your terms?

Be the bold, badass boss you were born to be