Boo! Did you know that Death & Rebirth doesn’t just happen on Halloween?

Hope you enjoyed Halloween and had some spooky moments of spontaneous fun!

As for me, I went to a vampire ball, surrounded by beautifully dressed vampires in gowns and tuxedos. People’s faces were powdered white, their eyes were shaded black and they had blood streaming from their lips and necks.

And as I spent the night mingling with the creepy crowd, that resembled death, something quite shocking hit me.

I realized that death can actually be one of the best things that can happen to us. Morbid I know, but consider this..

Think about every single thing that you have ever started in your life. EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

This could be taking on a new job, starting a class, dating someone new, becoming a mom, moving to a new city etc.

And what’s one thing that all these changes have in common?

A part of you had to die before the new part of you could begin. You had to stop one role in order to create space for the NEW version of you to blossom. Rebirthing into an even better version of yourself, and bringing all the experience and knowledge that you have gained into the next stage of your life.

This is the beauty of death to different parts of ourselves. We now have the opportunity to redefine who we are, choose with intention, and be authentic to the person that we are growing to be. And with this lesson in mind, we can be easy on ourselves when something comes to an end. Breath it in, accept the change, and know that something new, even better than what you’re losing now, is being divinely created for you.

What’s an example from your life where a part of you had to die before a new part could begin?

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