3 Reasons You Must Ignite Your Inner Authentic Power

Here’s a little story that I thought you would enjoy…

Last summer I had a visit with my friend’s elderly mom and she told me of how spent most of her adult years caring for her 5 children and her demanding husband, all while working a full time job that she didn’t particularly like – ironing clothes at a laundry mat in the upper west side of Manhattan.

She said that although she loved her family and was grateful to have a job, she never felt like she was living for herself. Like she was appreciated. Or that she was ever REALLY noticed.

This made my heart sink. Here she was, an 81-year old woman and filled with a low sense of self value.

She told me that if she could “do it again,” all she would do differently is make sure that she was happy, while she was busy making everyone else happy.

She got me thinking, and I came up with three reasons why you must ignite your inner authentic power.

  1. If you don’t, you will be filled with regret. Yes, the inner voice will start, you know that one that says, ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘what if you fail?’ Or ‘what will people think?’ And yes, you can fight this fear. It is way less soul sucking than regret.
  2. You were made to Be You. God, the universe, or whichever source you believe in, took its time with you. You were made differently that the 7.2 billion people on earth and you were given a special gift that only you have. It’s in you to let out.
  3. Listen to what you already know. Most of us know what our heart is telling us, but we choose not to listen for one reason or another. Sabotage can block us from meeting our potential head on and have adverse affects on our health, energy levels and overall wellbeing. So stop and acknowledge what you’re being told.

In this short email, I was only able to fit in 3 reasons why you must ignite your inner power. And quite honestly, I could go on for much longer, with many more tips and ideas.

This is why I hold a full day workshop called Power Day, where I cover all 5 ‘elements of connection,’ including 25 subjects, exercises and an easy to apply framework to start designing your dream life.

Happiness starts the moment you choose to be you.

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