5 tips to enhance your happiness this holiday

With the holidays in full swing, it’s easy to get caught up in the motion of shopping, Christmas marketing and the occasional egg noging.

While balancing our social calendars and keeping up with everything we ‘must do’, we can lose sight of what the holidays are really about, and before we know it, the time will pass, and it will all be over.

So today, on Christmas Eve, I am sending you a note to say, take it all in NOW.

You are here, in this moment, and how can you make the absolute best of it?

Whether you’re spending it with loved ones, friends, or on your own, this is your memory to create, and I have put together 5 tips to enhance your happiness today.

  1. Think back to your fondest Christmas memory and find a way to creatively re-create it. This may mean journaling about it, telling a friend about it, or actually doing it. Whatever you can do to actually feel this memory again.
  2. Make something with your hands. There’s something incredibly uplifting about constructing something out of nothing, and it just feels good. You could get in the kitchen and make your favourite dish, go outside and make a snowman (for the lucky ones!), or make a card for someone you care about.
  3. Make a date with YOU. Think about your ‘perfect day’, write it out in detail, and mark it down in your calendar. This may be planned to happen next week or next month, regardless, it’s a special day that you can look forward to and it’s something that YOU are excited about.
  4. Do something to express your LOVE to someone. The people in your life feel the best when they feel your love. How can you show it to them? And if you’re on your own today, maybe you can share a smile with a neighbour, a barista at a coffee bar, or say hello to someone you pass by. When you give your love, you will receive love.
  5. Be grateful. Write down 3 things that you are grateful for now. When you can appreciate what you have in this moment, you will realize how good things actually are in your life. You may not have everything you want, or be in the life stage that you had hoped, but know that you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment and there’s still so much richness to come into your life.

Think about it, the greatest days of your life, haven’t even happened yet!

Happy holidays.

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