How to Manifest is NO Joke

As you’ve probably heard, there’s this thing called manifestation.

In simple terms, we’re told – visualize it, believe it and IT will come.

You may think it’s out of reach or maybe even hippie skippy, but there’s still something about it that has your attention. You’ve probably heard a story of someone who has had an incredible encounter with serendipity, and you may have also experienced it at some point in your life.

And now the question is, How do I manifest ALL the time to get what I want?

There’s a formula you can follow, and I share it below, but first let me tell you the CRAZIEST encounter that I just had with manifestation that proved yet again that this manifestation thing ain’t no joke..

I was at a yoga class the other night and this unique and cool looking, tattoo sprinkled girl on the mat beside me started talking about her “favourite new purchase” that has, “changed her life.” Intrigued as always, I began to talk with her and learn more. She told me about the essential oil diffuser that she uses everyday and how it has reduced her stress and overall feelings of anxiety. She described the different oils and how each scent has a unique purpose (stress relieving, joy enhancing, calm balancing) and how great she feels since she started using it.

I was especially excited to hear her story because I’ve been trying out essential oils, but haven’t heard about the diffuser. I found out where she bought it (Saje natural wellness) and said to her, “too bad I just had my birthday, otherwise this would have been a perfect gift”. I said how much I’d love to have one and that it’s the #1 thing on my list now too. That’s it. We talked about it, visualized it through conversation, claimed it, and let it go.

Two days later, I was at a women’s networking event (WNORTH), put my business card in a draw for a ‘secret’ surprise, and my card was pulled! And GUESS what I won?! An essential oil DIFFUSER from Sage! It was unbelievable.

This is an amazing example of manifestation that happened over the course of a few days and this can happen to you too.

Manifestation is available to all of us, and here’s 5 steps on how to make it happen:
  1. Know what you want: before you can ask for anything, you must know what you’re asking for. Get clear on what you want and be sure it is aligned with what’s important to you, what makes you feel good and in your flow. Nail down the definition with clarity.
  2. Request: now it’s time to ask for it. This means, put it out there, write it down in your journal, list of gratitude, and include it in your thoughts of what you see in your life. As if you already have it. For example, “I just love my new diffuser that reduces my stress and brings calm energy into my home.”
  3. Believe: you must believe that you are deserving of this new “thing” in your life. It could be a new job, love interest, apartment, promotion at work – whatever it is, it will enhance your life, and you have to believe that you are worthy of it. Release your limiting blocks, fears, anxieties and sabotaging behaviour, you are worthy of what you want.
  4. Action: nothing is going to appear on your doorstep without taking action. Get out there, network, date, work hard! Buy the lotto ticket, in order to win the jackpot. In other words, you are responsible to take part in the manifestation transpiration.
  5. Release: after you’ve done everything you can, let it go. Release attachment to the outcome, remember you don’t NEED anything to happen, you would just be grateful if it did. Your happiness doesn’t rely on it, and therefore you can surrender and leave room for what’s coming to you.

You have the capacity to make your desires & dreams your reality. They await, you just need to believe in them.

Now it’s your turn! Give the manifestation formula a try and share your experience in the comments below. I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

With love,


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