Raise Your Standards

As I work from this beautiful cafe (Birds & the Beets), getting through my TO DO list, and planning my upcoming talk on How to Tap into your Authenticity, I realized how important it is that we have high standards.

When you think of standards, you probably think about how you treat yourself. The food you eat, the exercise you do, how you keep your home, the guys/girls you date or the relationship you’re currently in.

Your standards are based on your actions and you evaluate them on the level of alignment they have with your values.

Another way to look at standards is to shift from your DOING and into the people that surround you. The people in your life will either raise or lower your standards and it’s your responsibility to be aware of what they’re doing to you.

We become like our friends and the more time we spend with them, the greater impact they will have.

Choose people who raise your standards by reminding you of the special qualities you have, and the great potential that is in you. People who challenge you to become who you were born to be and who care so much that they won’t tolerate you playing small.

No woman (or man) gets GREAT on her own!

Just like this lovely cafe I choose to sit, you can surround yourself with positive vibes by choosing the people in your life.

With love,


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