The Universe Takes Care of You — even when you BURN dinner

Have you ever messed up the most simple task?

Like pouring too much water into an empty glass? Smacking your door into the car beside you? Or sending a personal email to the wrong person?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Sometimes the most straightforward things in life are the things we have the most challenges with.

Even something as simple as warming cold pizza!

Yes, I did it, and the experience was one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in a while.

The other night I was home alone, tired from the gym, and hungry. I didn’t feel like cooking a big meal so I decided to warm up what I already had – and in this instance, it was frozen pizza.

I set the oven on broil, popped it in, and went upstairs to quickly change out of my sweaty gym clothes. Within minutes (I swear it was only 2), my fire alarm was beeping at an extremely high pitch and my entire kitchen was full of smoke.

I turns out the pizza got hotter than I expected in such a short time, and it literally caught on fire. Flaming fire.

I had to pull it out, run to my balcony, and throw it on the table before burning my hands. I destroyed the only hope I had for dinner and I felt like a loser.

I sat on my couch and all I could think was, ‘Tonia really? You can’t even warm up frozen pizza?!’

That’s when my neighbours, Stephen and Anna, knocked on my door, asking if everything was ok. They heard the fire alarm going off in the hallway when they were coming home, and they were concerned for me.

I opened the door in a fluster, telling them that I was okay and what had happened. When I was mid-sentence explaining that broil shouldn’t get so hot so fast, Stephen laughed and coyly asked, “so do you want some pizza?”

I looked down at his hands and he was holding a box of fresh hot pizza, and he offered me some. Seriously, how crazy is that??

Just 2 minutes after burning mine, the Universe sent me a better version of what I has just lost. WOW!!

This is an amazing encounter of life happening and being taken care of — even when we burn dinner.

I love this for many reasons and I share 3 tips to find peace in your ‘problems’ and attract serendipity into your life:
  1. DITCH DWELLING: The longer you stay in the past, wishing you didn’t do what you did, the longer it will take for something new to come into your life. The old saying, “when one door shuts, another will open” is very true, but you have to allow the first door to close first. Let it go. It (whatever it is) wasn’t meant to be in your life any longer. The Universe is waiting to send you something better.
  2. LOL: Find humour in the things that don’t go as planned. I mean really, how bad can it really be? And if it’s bad, I get it, but it’s done now, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So if you can give yourself the freedom to smile at your ‘mistake’ and choose a different perspective on the whole situation, chances are you’ll cause yourself less stress and anxiety, and you’ll be able to come up with a new solution faster.
  3. WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE? Instead of feeling sad for what didn’t happen or mad at yourself, simply ask, what else is possible now? Okay so this is over, what’s next? With this new perspective, you can start to be curious about your new situation and find possibilities in the fresh cards you’ve been dealt with.

And you know what? It’s never as bad as we think it is and it can only get better from here! You’re not alone in this process and look at the hiccups in life as your chance to learn, grow and become even stronger than you were before.

You’ve got this and you’re enough in this moment. Trying out life as best as you can and evolving every single day.

Now I’d like to hear from you. What’s one thing you can relate to in this story and how do you keep yourself from getting stuck in your challenges?

Comment and Share below, I’d love to hear!

Success starts the moment you choose to Be You!

With love,


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