Why Aren’t You Doing What You Want To?

When we set goals, sometimes (well, a lot of the times) we don’t achieve them.

You want to know why?

Because we have this really bad habit of setting goals that aren’t even aligned with what we really want or the things that make us the most happy.

Instead, we say things like, “I want this job, because I need to pay my bills,” “I want a relationship, so that I can be loved” or “I want to become a homeowner, and then I will feel accomplished.”

The problem with this, is that we are setting ourselves up to constantly chase dreams and we don’t even know why we want them. And therefore, we don’t put in the effort to achieve them.

The good news is, we were conditioned to do this, and it’s possible to un-condition ourselves.

Here are 3 questions to clarify and re-design your goals so you actually achieve them:
  1. IF AND THEN GOALS? Take a look at your goals to see if they sound like, “IF I do this, THEN I will be X” (happy, accomplished, satisfied, worthy etc). If your goal is dependant on a feeling that you hope will happen in the future, THEN red flag and redesign it. Your goal is to feel good now, as you are working toward your goal, finding joy in the process, and optimism in the present opposed to waiting to feel good after it’s done.
  2. ALIGNED WITH MY ‘FEEL GOOD’ FEELINGS? Cross reference your goals with your desires (feelings that make you excited) and make sure that every goal you have are in sync with what makes you feel good. These are your values, what’s most important to you, and the things that put a smile on your face. Doing this, will help you to be excited about your goals now, increase your commitment to achieving them, and able to fight any fear that may come up.
  3. WHY DO I WANT TO DO THIS? For every goal you have, ask yourself WHY is this important to me? Ask yourself (or ask a friend you trust to ask you) ‘why’ at least 7 times for every goal you have. You must know why you want to do something before you will be dedicated to it and will put in the effort and sacrifice to achieve it. Knowing your why is imperative to having intention and purpose in your actions, which will also help to increase your confidence and joy in process.

Having intention behind your actions is the key ingredient to feeling aligned with your authenticity and living a life that truly matches who you are, so be sure to choose intentions that fuel you.

Comment and share ONE change that you are making to your goals today. I’d love to hear!

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