A Wake Up Call From a Homeless Man

Being the busy, multitasking person you are, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, and at times, super stressed out.

I totally get it and recently found myself in the, “I’m too busy” vibe, and was missing out on what was in front of me. This is when I was reminded of the day I received a wake up call from a homeless man, and it helped me find my grounding and get into flow again.

It was such a powerful encounter that served in my learning, feeling like a gift from our world classroom, and I’d like to share it with you. Following the story, read on to learn How to Tap into Your Intuition and Find Your Flow.

On my hurried walk home on a busy December night, running late and with a to-do list streaming through my mind, I wasn’t at all present with the moment that I was in.

I passed a man sitting on a curb with an empty cup set in front of him. I made eye contact, and he said hello with a bright smile and wished me a nice evening. I dimly returned the gesture with a polite nod, and thought that I should stop and at least give him a few moments of my time — even if it was just to acknowledge him with more than a nod. I didn’t though, as I was in a rush and I made a choice to continue on.

With increased pace in my stride, I approached my building and pulled off my gloves to scrimmage through my purse for my keys so that I could make a swift entrance without ‘wasting’ any time.

I located my keys, fobbed myself in, and at the same time I was tapped on the shoulder.

I was stopped by a man hunched over on a walker, dressed in tattered clothes and known on my block as the man who lives in the park, while his companion was crawling on her hands and knees collecting some things on the pavement. They told me that I had dropped something and that they were getting it back for me.

I paused, took a deep breath, looked down at the woman on the ground, and sure enough she was collecting my three gold bracelets. She placed them in my hands, looked deeply into my eyes and smiled. It was one of those real, authentic, I care about you smiles, and I knew then that this was a special moment.

Besides the fact that my bracelets flew off my wrist with the quick pull of my glove, and these kind souls were gathering them for me, I needed to slow down. I had to regain my presence and be aware of what was happening around me – and this is NOT a waste of time.

We often get caught up in our heads, busy planning next moves or thinking about the past, and what would serve us best is to simply be here, in the moment ~ right now.

Here are 3 Quick Steps to Tap Into Your Intuition that you can try today:

  1. Take 10 deep, slow breaths. Notice your breathing and allow the mind chatter to slow down. Thoughts will come, voices will talk, and allow them to flow through you without engaging in them.
  2. Pay attention to how you feel. In your body, your gut and your heart. What is your body telling you?
  3. Let go of anything that isn’t serving you. Now write down 3 things that you notice. What weren’t you seeing? And what do you choose to focus on? What are you grateful for?

To regain your presence, check in with yourself, and be aware of all the beauty that is happening around you.

Share your comments below and share the lesson with your friends.

And remember, the world is waiting to see you shine bright as the special person you were made to be, now’s the time to Be YOU.

With love,


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