How to Amp Up your Courage and Confidence

Ever feel like you’re trying to balance different personas throughout the day?

Like you have to be the leader, the follower, the teammate, the boss, the partner, the warrior – and show up confidently in ALL forms?!

It’s exhausting, I know.

We are expected to be who we are, and yet, we’re accepted when we are who the people in our lives want us to be.

We do it for ease and comfort, however it will eventually catch up, causing feelings of stress, inauthenticity and lack of confidence.

This is why you have to be who you are unapologetically and here’s 3 tips to get started:
  1. ACCEPTANCE: Not everyone in your life is going to be ready for you. They have a limited perspective on who you’ve always been to them and they also have their own limiting beliefs on what you’re capable of. Know this and be ready for resistance.
  2. REINVENT YOU: This is your time to change how you show up in your life and business. Choose a new perspective. Be who you’ve always wanted to be. Have fun with it. Be curious and use your imagination. How would you dress, walk, speak, interact with others? Get creative and try out a new way of being!
  3. LET GO: There will be habits, things and maybe even people in your life that you will have to let go of in order to step into your authenticity. Be aware of what’s not serving you or supporting your growth. These things will have to change in order for your confidence to soar.

Remember, you were born to shine, and these steps will help you become a bolder, more confident you.

Comment below and let me know ONE step you can take today to start being YOU with more confidence, I’d love to hear.

With love,


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