How To Find Clarity And Finally Get What You Want

Can you believe that we’re already 1 month down, with 11 to go?

Sounds like a sporting event, I know.

But the thing is, time is precious, and it’s ticking away, whether you like it or not.

The good news is, you still have plenty of months, weeks, and working hours (1,920 to be exact) to get shit done, and make this your best year yet!

It’s your year to shine and I’m here to show you how.

But before we dive in, I’d like to share a quick story…

With just a couple weeks left in 2016, I was asked by a business coach, ‘how could you make this year amazing, Tonia?”

I liked the question, but with limited time, I felt stuck on what to say.

She encouraged me to be bold and give my dream answer, so I shrugged my shoulders and with no hesitation, I said..

“well that’s easy, I’d finally film YuSchool, and get it ready to launch and empower people around the world to be their boldest, most confident selves.”

You see, my answer came quick when I was put on the spot, was able to visualize what I wanted, and then it was up to me to take action and make it happen.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I spent the next 3 weeks editing my scripts (110 pages), rehearsing, putting together a set, crew, outfits (haha, VERY important), photoshoot, and everything else that was required to pull it off.

We filmed every day (except 2 days for Christmas) and I stayed up until 3am most nights to prepare for the next day. And I’m so happy to say that we did it!

Here’s a BTS of YuSchool in action..

We filmed YuSchool before the end of the year (with 3 days to spare) and we are well underway with editing and preparing it for you, and all the other badass bosses who are ready to be their boldest, most confident selves!

I share this story because I want you to know that you have the answers inside you too.

You know what you want. You know what would make this year amazing. And you even know how to get it.

You just have to be asked the right questions, be given the right tools, and be held accountable.

And that’s where I can help.

The first step to finding clarity in what you want and confidence to get it, is to get a clear vision of your ideal life.

So I’ve put together a free Future Self visualization for you to get a clear picture of your dream life, which will lead you back to how you can get it.

When you have 11 minutes to complete the visualization, with no distractions, click on this link to sign up for your free video.

After you’ve completed the visualization, you will have a vision of your dream life. And then comes the fun part, you can finally start designing your life so that it’s aligned with who you are and what you want!

More on that later. Hint: YuSchool coming soon 🙂

In the meantime, check out the visualization and let me know how it goes for you. I’d love to hear.

All my best.


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