How to Release, Surrender and Leave Room for Serendipity

Meet Antonia.

She’s bold, confident and free.

She’s a world adventurer, connoisseur of connection, and is in awe of the magic of serendipity.

People like her vibe and so do I.

As you’ve probably guessed, Antonia is another side of me – she’s my alter ego. My Italian one 🙂 

She was recently born in the Italian Amalfi Coast; and she was SO ready to be released.

Tonia in Ravello, Italy
Tonia in Ravello, Italy

If you’ve been following along with my Europe adventure, you’ve probably noticed some of the serendipity that I’ve been experiencing.

Take this photoshoot for example. It wasn’t planned, organized or at all expected.

I came across Emiliano Russo online and within a half hour of messaging we both knew we had to work together.

(Note: Emiliano is a well-known, fully booked photographer, who just happened to have a cancellation on the only afternoon that I could meet).

I believe that some of the synchronicities that I’ve been experiencing are a direct reflection of who I’m being on this trip.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still being authentic to myself. However, I’m showing up a little different.

I’m being more curious to what’s transpiring, confident with my intentions, and I’m releasing and surrendering to my INTUITION. 

I’m being Antonia and it’s marvelous. 

Things are falling into place in unimaginable ways, and she seems to be a magnet of manifestation – and of men too!

Now it’s time for you to come up with your alter ego, so you can attract serendipity too.

3 steps to follow:

  1. Daydream. If you could walk into a room (or country!) as anyone you want, who would you be? How would you talk, dress, interact with others? Describe this person.
  2. Name.  After you’ve defined the characteristics of your alter ego, give her/him a name.
  3. Describe Essence. This person has something very special about them, what is it? What makes people want to be around you? What kind of vibe are you radiating and attracting?

After you’ve had some fun coming up with your alter ego, I’d love to hear when you’re going to try out being this new YOU. Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Remember, success starts the moment you choose to be you and today’s a new day to make that choice.

PS: Sadly, I left the white dress (that I’m wearing in the photos) in Italy. It disappeared and I still have no good answer to where it is. This is very strange, as I’m not someone who loses ANYTHING. Seriously, I still have my first ipod that’s the size of my hand.

I’d like to believe that Antonia is sitting peacefully somewhere in the south of Italy. In the arms of her Italian love Alessandro, wearing the white dress, sipping on limoncello (bottle I bought that I also can’t find?!), with a sure look on her face, knowing that everything is going to be alright.

Lots of love from me to you.

Thank you for being here, and I invite you to join our first semester of YuSchool coming this fall!

Tonia xx

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