The Richest Place on Earth and Why You Don’t Want to Go There

What do you think will be the biggest challenge you’ll face in your lifetime?

I’m not talking about a loss of a job, a bad breakup, or heaven forbid, no wifi for an extended period of time. Sigh.

I’m referring to something you can control. It’s within your power, and yet (if you’re anything like the rest of us) you let it get the best of you way too often.

Any guesses?…

Answer: FEAR. Otherwise knows as, False Evidence Appearing Real.

It can creep into every single one of us, and if we’re not careful, we believe it to be true. Which can have nasty, and sometimes paralyzing, consequences.

Tonia in Amalfi, Italy.
Tonia in Amalfi, Italy.

One thing you may not know about fear is that the more you get to know it, the better equipped you’ll be to face it – and tell it to eff off. Seriously.

“Without knowing the nature of fear, you can never be fearless” – Pema Chodrun

Fear can stop you from doing the things you were born to do, following your passion and living your life to your highest potential; and I’m here to tell you, that you were created to fulfill your dreams –  without a doubt.

Since you’re here, studying yourself with YUOLOGY, I can assure you that you won’t be one of those people filled with regret at the end of their lives.

Sadly, I’m pretty sure you can imagine where these people go when their time is done – the GRAVEYARD – full of lost dreams and passion never lived. Also known as, the richest place on earth.

Taking on fear is about being brave, and taking a chance without knowing the outcome.

You must be willing to invest in something that may not work out and to accept that not everyone in your life will support you.

They may think your ideas are “crazy”, “not worth it” or maybe even, “dumb.” And you may start to think, “who am I to have this lofty dream and to stand out for my unique gifts?!”

And I’m here to ask you, “who are you, not to be?” You were made to shine as the bright light that you were born to be, and this is your duty.

3 steps to avoid getting stuck in fear and left with regret:

  1. Think about your #1 dream at the moment and write it down.
  2. Find out if your dream really matters. Picture your life 1 year from now and you haven’t taken one single step towards making this dream happen. How does it feel? Is your gut wrenching? Is your heart aching?
  3. If the pain you’re feeling (at the thought of taking NO action on your dream in one year) is stronger than the fear you’re facing now, than your dream is worth it.

Face your fear, it’s easier than the regret you’ll have to deal with if you don’t. –   tweet this!

By being courageous and following what your heart is telling you, you can be assured that you won’t ever be left with regret.

After you’ve had a chance to determine whether your dream really matters, share your comments below, I’d love to hear. And if you have anyone in your life that needs to hear this important message about avoiding regret, please share this post by clicking the social icons at the bottom. Sharing is caring 🙂

You’ve got this – believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.

With so much love and appreciation,

Tonia xx

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