Tap Into Your Intuition to Design Your Dream Life

You may remember that I spent a month in Europe this past summer.

I flew to Belgium to attend a lovely wedding in a castle, I yachted around with friends in Greece, I ate spaghetti and discovered my alter ego Antonia in Italy (hint, she loves to love!), and I trained over to Germany for a friend’s birthday party in a palace.

Pinch me now! I know. It felt like a dream and I’m grateful for every moment. (Except for the part about forgetting my dress in Italy, that I needed for the wedding in Belgium, but, that’s another story).

I share this adventure with you to explain how my intuition played a big role in making it happen.

When the idea of going on this trip first came up, I thought, “how can I make this happen?” instead of, “there’s no way this is possible.”

I knew a lot of magic would have to manifest (like time, money, coordinating, etc) but something in me told me that if I said “yes”, and committed to the dream, I would be taken care of. And sure enough, I was.

I got a random request to rent out my loft in Vancouver for the time I’d be away (for the same amount of money as my flights/accommodations in Europe), I moved into post-production phase for YuSchool (so I didn’t need to be at my desk at home), and the timing of all four events abroad coordinated perfectly with each other. Even the wedding in Belgium, and birthday in Germany were a day apart, with a quick 3 hour train ride in between.

Everything came together like magic, after I committed to my INTENTION of wanting it to happen.

I said YES, and the universe took care of the rest. –  tweet this!

When you tap into your intuition, and listen to what your gut’s telling you, you’ll be guided in the right direction.

Tips to tune into your Intuition and get guidance:

  • BREATHE. Take ten slow, deep breaths. Be patient. Make sure you give yourself the time you need. Inhale. Exhale. Ten times.
  • LISTEN. It’s okay if undesirable thoughts/feelings come up. Let them pass through you. This is normal and let them go. Now, what is your heart telling you? And your instinct, deep in your gut? Be quiet and listen.
  • RECORD. Write down what you hear. It’s important to be mindful of what your body is telling you, and recording your experience will help you sustain this feeling of ease.

After you’ve had a chance to apply tapping into your intuition, comment below. I’d love to hear how it worked out for you.

If this topic resonates with you, share this article with a friend. It may be exactly what they need to get clarity on what to do next in their life.

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You encompass a powerful force of energy that literally wants you to be happy, listen to it.

Be bold. Be confident. Be you.

With love,



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