Last Minute Trip to NYC to Face My Fears

Hey YuBoss!

Last year at this time, the YUOLOGY team and I were busy creating YuSchool.

There were many nights editing scripts till 3am, followed by early 7am mornings filming video.

It was exciting, terrifying, exhilarating…and included many – “WTF am I doing” moments. The feels were real, and I felt ALL of them.

But this is what we do when we have a burning desire, now isn’t it?

You have a vision of what you want to create, and you know you were born to do it. Therefore, you’ll do WHATEVER it takes to make it happen.

You’ll make sacrifices, and maybe even some compromises, all in the spirit of following your dream.

Tonia filming YuSchool
Tonia filming YuSchool

Guess what happens when your dream actually starts to become a reality?

You experience a whole new set of emotions, AKA fear. In particularly, fear of success.

You’ll start to have doubts, and that nasty voice in your head (which isn’t you btw.. you are not the voice in your head – that’s fear!) will tell you all sorts of limiting beliefs.

Things like, “what if I’m not good enough?”, “what if I fail?”, and “who am I to follow my dreams?” can begin to take over.

Sadly, this will stop many people from following their dreams.

We get stuck in fear of success and we choose to take the easy route. We ditch our dreams, and we go for ordinary.

I don’t want this for you, and quite frankly, I don’t want this for anyone.

Too many people are dying before their heart stops, simply because they gave up on their dreams.  tweet this!

Know that fear is a natural part of moving toward your authenticity. It’s normal to experience it and nobody skips this phase. Not even me. Not by a LONG shot.

In fact, I experience it quite regularly. More than I like to admit. But I’m working on it, just like everyone else.

And here’s how I’m facing my fear of success this week! I booked a last minute trip to NYC (literally last minute, like I’m talking 18 hours before the flight) to have meetings with contacts from some of the biggest media companies in the city. Woo-hoo!!

I’ve known these people from my past work in New York media, and even befriended some of them over the years, however this is different. Now I’m showing them my very own creation. YuSchool.

It’s part of me, it’s my dream, and I’m sharing it.

You see, it’s a lot easier to hide behind our dreams, or to always be working on it, and perfecting our craft.

At this stage, we’re saving ourselves from being vulnerable, and we’re avoiding criticism, and possible rejection.

But the day will come, where we have to face our fear, and take our dreams to the world.

For me, that’s having meetings with contacts from major media corporations in New York City, and sharing YuSchool as a personal development program option for staff.

Now I ask you, what does facing your fear look like to you? If there were no chance of failure, what would you do today?

After you’ve had a chance to apply fear of success to your life, share in the comments below. I’d love to hear.

If you know someone who could benefit from this learning, share this story with them. It may just be what they need to finally follow their dream.

Remember, success starts the moment you choose to be you. This is your choice, and good news – you can start today!

With so much love,



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