How to Break out of Your Comfort Zone and Get What You Want

Hey YuBoss,

I was speaking with a friend a few weeks ago about an idea I had.

I didn’t have strong conviction with my words, my intention was weak, and I didn’t even know if I really wanted what I was sharing with her, to actually happen.

You know those times when you talk about ideas, dreams or fantasies that sound great — but if they came true, you’d be scared AF?

Like quitting a job you can’t stand and finally starting your dream biz, going on a solo trip somewhere exotic, or maybe even meeting the love of your life.

All these things sound exciting, but if we aren’t 100% certain that we want them to come true, we’ll find a way to sabotage ourselves and the idea will remain what it is — unrealized words.

So when my friend said to me, “Tonia, do you really want to make this happen? Because if you do, you’ll have to put your energy into making it real” — I realized I had a choice.

I could continue to talk about it as something I wasn’t that passionate about (without conviction or clear intention) or I could take action and manifest it into reality.

Tonia at Afest 2017 in Ibiza, Spain

What I was talking about was going to Sardinia, Italy for a personal growth (and a heck of a lot of fun) workshop.

It’s called Afest, short for Awesomeness Fest, and it’s as awesome as it sounds.

The event accepts a few hundred people, who are doing cool things around the world, and we attend workshops on new, progressive topics and ideas, we get out of our comfort zones, and we attend over the top theme parties at night.

My resistance was the economic investment and time away from work. The blue wig and other social boundaries, I’m pretty open with — to an extent 😉

After giving it more thought, I decided that I did indeed want to go, and that I would make the rest work for me, instead of against me.

As soon as I made this choice, everything changed.

I found a half priced ticket, I signed on my first corporate client into YuSchool, the course got recognized as a government funded program, and I found a few new ways to generate income.

I’m now aboard my flight to Italy, with a layover in Paris (that just happens to coincide with a friend who will be in the airport at the exact same time) and I’m all set for my next adventure.

I know it can be scary to break out of your comfort zone and face the unknown — but remember, the fear you’ll have to face today will be much less tragic than the regret of never following your dreams.

This goes way beyond attending a workshop — I’m talking about conquering your BIG dreams.

As I sit here feeling grateful for the energetic force of manifesting, I want to share some tips on how to break out of your comfort zone and get what you want.

  1. Decide if you actually want what you say you do. Is this something that just sounds nice, or do you really want it to happen? Are you ready for it to come into your life? And will you do what you need to do to start the process?
  2. Believe it will happen. Remember, you become what you believe. Your thoughts are very powerful, so do your best to tell yourself positive words and affirmations. You deserve to make your dreams a reality.
  3. Take ACTION. Do what you gotta do to make what you want real. It’s not just going to happen if you sit back and wait for it. Make the calls, talk to people, do the work — and be consistent!

Then let it go. Don’t attach yourself to the outcome. You’ve done the work, now release and surrender and leave room for serendipity to happen.

Once you’ve tried this out, I’d love to hear how this breaking out of your comfort zone practice was for you.

Leave a comment below and let me know.

If you know someone who could use some tips on how to get out of their comfort zone, share this post.

Thank you for being here and choosing to be you, with confidence.

With love and support,



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