3 Lessons I Learned From My High School Reunion

Hey YuBosses,

Some of you may know that I attended my high school reunion a few weeks ago.

When I first got the invite, I reacted as many of you probably would.

I thought, “why would I want to go back to a point in my life where I didn’t even know who I was, what I wanted to do.. or even how to style myself!” 😉

Imagine oversized plaid shirts, tight rolled jeans, and hair sprayed bangs that made a big wave above my forehead.

I figured I’m passed this stage of my life, and therefore there’s no point in revisiting it.

3 Lessons I Learned From My High School Reunion

THEN I had a chat with my dad (and if you know anything about my dad — Jerry with the amazing handlebar mustache) you’d know that he’s even more social than me, and loves any opportunity to have a great time and connect with people.

He also appreciates nostalgia and reminded me of what great time I had in high school.

Of course, I experienced the normal adolescent drama that teenagers do, but overall — I liked people, people liked me, and I had a positive time in high school.

So, just a few hours before the event, I decided to go. I packed up my car, took a ferry boat, and made it just in time — to Vancouver Island.

I arranged with some friends (who I’ve known since I had a mouth full of braces) to go together, and within a few hours, there we were, standing in a room full of people we hadn’t seen in years.

For me, I literally hadn’t seen most of them since high school, as I moved out of the small town I grew up in, and lived in Sydney, New York and now Vancouver — so I’ve been pretty far removed (geographically) from the crowd for a long time.

What I thought would be a quick hour of “hello’s” and “wow, look at you’s”, turned into me being one of the last to leave, and I came away with much more than I thought.

3 lessons I learned from attending my high school reunion:

1. You haven’t changed. Who you were in grade school is still who you are. Of course, you’ve matured and had life experiences that shaped you, but your values are still the same. You were born with your values and they are a part of your essence.

Note: if you ever feel like you’ve lost yourself, think back to what made you come alive when you were younger. What filled your soul? What could you spend hours doing without thinking about time? These answers will help you reconnect back to what’s most important to your soul, which will help you get clarity on your passion.

2. Cherish the connection. You’ll never have this bond from adolescents with anyone else — so appreciate it. Nobody will ever really know you how people in grade school know you. Take it for what it’s worth, but I think it’s quite a unique connection to value.

3. You’re not alone. No matter how you may be feeling today, you have bonds with A LOT of people. Whether you like it or not, you are still connected with hundreds of people from your lifetime. You may not have seen them in 10, 20, or even 30 years, but you’re paths have crossed and you both have imprints from each other.

Exercise: If you’re ever feeling lonely, do a brainstorm of everyone you’ve ever met. Just write down every person that comes to mind for 10 minutes. Then circle 5 people you want to re-connect with. You could send them an email, find them on Facebook, or whatever you want. Do something to reach out and see what happens.

Has your outlook on reconnecting with people (or at least one person!) from your past changed? I’d love to hear your perspective.

What’s ONE thing you’re going to do to re-connect with someone?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

If you know someone who could use some tips on connection, share this post.

Thank you for being here and choosing to be you, with confidence.

With love and support,




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