New Year, Be YOU

Welcome to the NEW YEAR!

We’re one week into this new auspicious year of 2019 — and I have a spidey sense that it’s going to be a magical year for you.

One unique thing that a new year brings, is an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

Kind of like a fresh slate to set new intentions and manifest more serendipity into your life — and this is why, it’s so important to have a strategy to get there.

Otherwise, you’ll risk another year passing without fully stepping into your authentic power, and depriving the world of your special gift — that only you have.

I know that you were made to shine (bold and confidently) — and this is why we’re going going to focus on flipping things around a little.

You’ve probably heard the term, NEW YOU. Especially, during this time of year.

It’s all about the New Year, and becoming your New You.

Although, I completely agree with this concept, I thought it would be fun to reconsider the idea, and change it up.

It is 2019, after all 😉

Instead of looking at January as creating a new you, how freeing would it be if you could simply, be you?

If you could stop living your life based on other people’s expectations of you, and you could let go of comparison, self sabotage, and that heavy feeling of Imposter Syndrome.

Knowing that you already have everything you need within you — and that you have the power to change your life.

I’m here to tell you that this is possible.

You are enough. You’re not broken, and you don’t need fixing.

You just have to go within, and re-connect with your authentic passion — and then decide WHAT you want to do next.

This clarity and confidence can be found during your journey in YuSchool, and it’s exactly WHY it was created.

To help modern women in transition get clear on who they are, and confident in what they want, so they’ll gain the courage to design their dream lives.

In fact, YuSchool has already helped hundreds of people make major transformations in their lives, and this is possible for you too.

Graduates have gone on to:

  • start/grow their own businesses
  • move up substantially in their roles
  • change careers
  • find love
  • relocate
  • have children

And, the list goes on.

All of this (and so much more!) is available to you, and I encourage you to make this year, your best year yet.

You deserve to be who you are and to live a life that you desire.

I’m here to support you and I’d be honoured to see you in YuSchool.

Now, it’s your turn.

What’s ONE step you’re going to take to BE YOU in 2019?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

If you know someone who could benefit from designing their dream life this year, share this post.

Thank you for being here and choosing to be you, with confidence.

With love and support,



P.S. If you want to gain more confidence and clarity in your life, book a FREE breakthrough call with me. I offer 30 minute coaching calls to people who are SO ready to make a change! Chat soon 🙂

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