3 Signs The Universe Wants the Best For You

I recently spent 48 ‘unplanned’ hours in Barcelona ❤️.

I was in Paris, and scheduled to return to Vancouver.. but asked to spend a weekend in Barcelona first.

It required some changing of plans, rejigging and scheduling — and it turned out to be an AMAZING time.

Spontaneous, Serendipitous + Sexy??.

See the magic that’s sprinkled into your life, and say YES to it ✨. 

In life, the universe is conspiring for YOU, and knows what’s best for you — even when you don’t.

It’ll send you people, opportunities, books, articles, invitations, workshops.. everything you’re yearning for — but just haven’t figured out the HOW yet.

It’s your responsibility to listen and take action on what’s being done FOR you.

We often think that we need to figure it all out, and that we have to know EXACTLY how things are going to turn out. We focus so much attention on the destination or end goal, and we lose out on all the special steps along the way. 

The unplanned learnings, experiences — and real juice of life. 

This is why it’s SO important to remember this key YUOLOGY teaching:

Release and surrender, trust in the magic — and watch the serendipity unfold.

How do you know the universe is here to serve you?

3 signs the universe wants the best for you:

  1. ASK YOUR INTUITION: You know those times when things just ‘feel good’ in your gut? There’s no pushing or convincing that need to happen and it just feels right. This is your intuition telling you that what you’re considering doing, is in your best interest — so TRUST it. Your intuition ALWAYS wants the best for you, and NEVER tries to manipulate or do you wrong.
  2. PAY ATTENTION: Is what you’re asking for showing up? Maybe not in the EXACT form that you envisioned but in some way, it feels like your thoughts are being answered. Well this is the universe listening to you — what you think about, you create. You are co-creating your reality WITH the universe, so pay attention to what you focus on, and what’s showing up in your life. 
  3. BE A GOOD PERSON: You were made to give and receive — this is how energy works. So when you align with the energy of joy, you become a bearer of light for everyone around you. Basically, you radiate positivity and you’ll attract the same in return. 

Once you’ve tried this out for yourself, I’d love to hear how this was for you.

What is the universe saying to you?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Thank you for being here and choosing to be you, with confidence.

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