3 Questions To Ask Yourself BEFORE You Can Design Your Dream Life

It’s amazing how much I can actually SEE when I wear my glasses ?. 

Isn’t it true though, when we think about this in a deeper way — there’s so much happening in our lives (in our relationships, jobs, health, careers, living space, friendships etc) that we choose NOT to see. 

We ignore, sabotage and neglect, just because it’s ‘easier’ and doesn’t require us to get out of our comfort zone, or be vulnerable and brave.

I was thinking about this the other night in my yoga practice, when I wasn’t supposed to be ‘thinking’ ??‍♀️.. but it prompted me to want to ask you — how much are you ‘not seeing’ because you’re choosing not to? 

Meanwhile, I promise to start wearing my glasses more often too ?.

The most empowered place we can be is not, “I’ve got it all figured out.” 

Instead, it’s to be brave enough to ask yourself the difficult question.s 

3 questions to ask yourself BEFORE you’ll get what you want:

  1. What am I not seeing that’s limiting me? 
  2. What do I need to see that’s new for me? 
  3. What do I have to let go?

We’re afraid to ask, because we’re worried about what we might have to confront and deal with as a result. 

But that’s what frees us: facing what we need to face, giving up what we need to give up, and being a YES for what’s next. – Baptiste Yoga


Once you’ve tried asking yourself the DEEP questions, I’d love to hear how this was for you.

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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