Life’s Too Precious Not To Become Who You Were Meant To Be

A heavy sense of sadness was felt this week. 

The tragic news of what claimed the lives of basketball star Kobe Bryant, his beautiful daughter, and 7 other innocent souls — hit everyone in a different way.

Feelings of confusion, loss and grief, mixed with gratitude for life, while honouring a legend, all at the same time. 

I know for me, it brought back feelings from the worst day of my life; finding out my brother had passed suddenly (just over a year ago) and being struck with awful news, that you literally try to wish away, every single day.

However, no matter how much we may want the present NOT to be true — we must accept it — in order to move forward. 

Not to say that grief and sadness aren’t an important phase of acceptance (because they are) but after all the unexpected and tragic loss I’ve experienced and/or witnessed, I will say one thing:

Life is precious. 

Stop wasting your time living your life based on other people’s expectations and start being who you were meant to be — NOW. 

You were meant for so much more than the life you’re living, and life’s too precious to delay your dreams any longer. 


This is your special gift that you were given for a reason, and it’s your responsibility to find out what it is, so you can become who you were born to be. 

I came across this quote of Kobe’s that really struck me:

My hope is that you know you’re worthy of being great in this lifetime, and part of this process is becoming your truest, most authentic self. 

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Now tell me, what’ ONE dream you have for yourself? 

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Thank you for being here and choosing to be you, with confidence.

With love and support,



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