This Is YOUR Time To Shine

I want to start by saying that I’m here for you.

During this very serious and uncertain time, trying to grapple with this global pandemic and ALL that it is — it’s normal to experience feelings of overwhelm, confusion, anxiety and unease.

I know I’ve gone through a combination of all of the above, and with news updates changing everyday, it’s challenging to keep up.

That said, I also feel that this is an opportunity for us to unite as a collective community.

We can support one another, share our positive practices, and become a source of light for those who need it most — which ultimately comes from taking care of YOURSELF first.

Kind of like the mom who puts on her oxygen mask BEFORE she can help anyone else, because without her thriving, she can’t offer anything to anyone. 

Give yourself some self love, you deserve it. 

?Move your body and breath fresh air. Even if it’s just temporarily on your balcony.

?Keep yourself in good spirits. Listen to inspirational podcasts, read books and Facetime with loved ones.

?Meditate. Ground yourself and get in tune with ALL your emotions, so you can feel them and let them go.

?Get clear on who you are + what you want. This is a universal opportunity for you to go within and get SUPER clear on what’s truly important to you, what your values are, what you stand for, and how you want to show up in the world. 

This is YOUR opportunity to not only do your part to help flatten the curve of this pandemic (by staying home), but also to develop a deeper, more loving relationship with yourself, and your belief in what’s possible. 

To FINALLY put the foundation in place to make your dreams a reality.

That’s where I’m here to help you.

I want to support YOU to become who you were born to be and I’m fully committed (even more now than ever before) to see you make it happen. 

Comment below, and tell me your biggest dream + what’s been blocking you to start.

I will respond and share ideas and tips to help you get started. 

I’m here for you beautiful and together WE WILL get through this. Even stronger, bolder, and more purposeful than before.

I see you and this is YOUR time. 

With so much love and support,



P.S. COMMENT BELOW, tell me what’s stopping you from getting started with your dreams? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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