You Haven’t Lost Your Worth During The Pandemic

I recently offered to do a virtual workshop for a tech company as a complimentary service offering, in the meantime to doing the paid talk, that we already scheduled, and now postponed, due to corona virus.

My client could have easily taken me up on my offer, but instead she said this…

“Tonia, that’s incredibly generous of you, thank you. This workshop sounds great. But I’m not interested in a complimentary workshop. I want to pay you.”

You deserve to be paid for the value and work that you do.

This was a HUGE reminder to me.

That not one ounce of our self worth (or value) is dependent on anything that’s happening external from us.

We may be doing our workouts in our living-room, wearing sweatpants with dress shirts to our Zoom meetings, eating chocolate for dinner (truth ??‍♀️) — but we still are who we are, and contain our value.

I think it’s easy for so many of us to lose sight of ourselves these days, and what we bring to the table, but not for one minute should you ever forget your value — because it’s always there, no matter what. Even in your pyjamas at noon with unwashed hair ?.

Your superpower is what you authentically bring to the table. It is who you are. That’s your gold.

And NOBODY or NO THING can take this away from you — not even a pandemic.

Of course, we want to help others where we can and offer kind gestures (I’m not saying that) but your self worth and value that you add, hasn’t gone anywhere and I want you to remember that today, and everyday.

Now what’s your first step in claiming your value? 

Share below, I’d love to hear.

You got this babe!

We WILL get through this together ❤️.

With love and support,



P.S. COMMENT BELOW, how are you claiming your self worth? Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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