Celebrate Life | 13 Lessons I’ve Learned So Far

Here’s to a new day, year, decade! ???

Wherever you are on your journey — it’s worth celebrating.

I celebrated my birthday last week (May 13th) and I stepped into a new decade.

Admittedly, I had a few uncomfortable moments leading up, but I’ve now settled into it.

Here I am and I’m grateful for this life.

One thing I know for sure, is that there’s still a lot I don’t know.

However, I’ve gained some worthy nuggets of wisdom thus far, that I want to share with you.

Here’s what I DO know:

1. Travel is the BEST way to discover the true essence of life. Be open, adventurous and let in the magic. I’ve travelled to over 30 countries now, and this is how you unleash your soul.

2. Let go of what’s no longer serving you. Sooner than later. If it’s not now, it never will. Stop wasting your precious time.

3. Meet people, learn about them, hear their story, and how they got here. People are like live movies, full of deep storyline — with limitless character development. Accept EVERYONE and their journey that brought them to where they are.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. In your beautiful book of life, a lot of the things you’re worrying about today, will be just a few pages (maybe even a paragraph!) so don’t let it take over your present moment. Be still and you will get your answers.

5. Be grateful for WHO YOU ARE. There’s so much you still want to experience, create and become, but who you are today is enough. You are magnificent, just as you are. Not one ounce of your self worth in dependent on anything external from you. You know who you are. Unapologetically, be yourself.

6. SHINE. The most wonderful thing you have to share with the world is your light. Let it out, shine bright, and step into your phenomenal radiance, with confidence. You deserve to be who you are, just as much as everyone else. Stop dimming. When you shine, you give others permission to do the same.

 7. CHOOSE LOVE. Be open to give and receive love. It’s the purest, most freeing, liberating and joyous emotion to experience. It’s much easier than judgement, jealousy and comparison.

8. Listen to your intuition it ALWAYS wants the best for you. It’s within you, like your own personal therapist, and it never tries to mess you up. It knows what’s right for you. Stop ignoring it. Trust me, stop ignoring it.

9. Smell the flowers. Listen to the birds. Hug a tree. Smile at a stranger. I know you’re busy and you have a lot to do, but these are the things that fill your gratitude cup. Keep you in the present moment. Help you stay sane and humble.

10. LIVE LIFE. Like truly live it. Dance freely, let loose, drop your guard, kiss people in the moment, and be open to the serendipities that come into your life. Your life is literally FULL of magic. New people, experiences, answers to your yearning, your prayers and your deepest desires. Cherish this.

11. Heartbreak is inevitable. It is for everyone. Take time to grieve. Learn the lessons. Be there for others. Have compassion.

12. What you THINK about, you become. What you TALK about, you attract. Be mindful of this and keep your vibe in the direction you want to go.

13. MEDITATE. If you only remember one thing, do this. It’s free and it’ll change your life.

I’m still a work in progress. Learning every single day. I still make mistakes and I still get stuck on the silliest of things.

I’m also most proud of my innate ability to make deep, authentic soul connections — everywhere I go.

I truly connect, acknowledge and see others.

Fun fact: I used to knock on elderly neighbours doors at six years old, and be invited in to sit and chat, and learn about their lives.  ?

This week, my friends put together a surprise birthday video for me, full of personal clips from family + friends, from around the world —  86 people contributed.

Authentic connection is my key defining value and I just had it reflected right back at me.

I love with ALL my heart, and I believe in all the beauty that’s still to come ❤️.

Now I’m curious.. what lesson will you choose to start today? 

Share below, I’d love to hear.

With love and support,



P.S. COMMENT BELOW, what lesson are you going to START today? 

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