Back To The Basics Of Joy

I spent last week on the island I grew up — after months in Vancouver, due to being in quarantine — and it felt so great to reconnect to the basics of life again. 

Driving my dad’s great big 4×4 truck to get ice cream with my nephew Ethen (I chose chocolate chip mint, my childhood fave ☺️), skipping rocks in the ocean, showing my nephew the treehouse that his dad built for all the neighbourhood kids over 25 years ago ?, riding bikes down long gravel roads to say hi to a cow ?(we named her Daisy Duke), and celebrating my belated birthday with my parents, popping champs off the balcony ??reminded me that…

No matter what’s happening external from us (eg. Covid, the worldwide movement for social justice, and all the other upheaval in the world), we can’t forget about the importance of nourishing our inner wellbeing.

In order for you to give, contribute and share your light — in the biggest, brightest ways possible — you must replenish your cup first. 

Filling your cup is best accomplished, in ways that feel authentic to YOU.

For me, it would normally be a trip somewhere afar, something exotic to experience, or a new adventure. 

However, during this current global stage of reset — I found great solace in reconnecting to the simplicities of my childhood roots, in nature, on a charming island, and doing things I grew up experiencing, with the people who’ve known me the longest. 

This surprised me, and adds even more discovery to the year of introspection and personal revelations.

Which has me continue to believe…

If you’re not learning something NEW about yourself in 2020, you’re not doing enough.

The universe is giving us a nudge to go within, get to know ourselves on a deeper level, let go of limiting beliefs/narrative/perspectives, and ultimately to GROW — so that we come out of this, even more beautiful than before.

Now it’s your turn, what’s an action you can do today that will help you discover something new about yourself and bring you joy? 

Share below, I’d love to hear.

Remember, today is a NEW day where you can reset in the direction you want to go.

With love and support,



P.S. COMMENT BELOW, what’s an action you can do today that will help you discover something new about yourself and bring you joy? 

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