5 Steps To Take Spiritually Aligned Action

Something I’ve been focusing on a lot lately is ACTION.

That burning desire to get things accomplished, checked off the list — and to finally bring to life — is stronger than ever.

You know, those inspired ideas that keep you up at night, that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to create, but haven’t quite made happen..yet?!

Everyone has goals. The problem we often face when it comes to accomplishment though, is that we focus on the WRONG thing.

We tend to think about the DOING instead of the BEING and we lose sight of WHY we’re doing it in the first place.

This often leads us to lose interest, get sidetracked, self sabotage and limit our potential. 

Here’s what you can do, to help get sh*t done:

Instead of thinking about what you want to DO, focus on who you want to BE. Ask yourself, “How do I want to show up?”,  “What’s important to me?”, “What do I stand for?”, “What are my values?”, “How do I want to be remembered”, and “Is this even aligned with who I am?”

Your shift in focus will instantly change your “goals” to INTENTIONS and you can start to take spiritually aligned action. 

Wondering what spiritually aligned action means?

It means that the action you take is aligned with who you are — and you never have to question WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, or get lost in uncertainty, worry, or judgement again. 

Spiritually aligned action is NOT, getting:

  • Stuck in paralysis before you start
  • Afraid what others will think 
  • Nervous about how you’ll be perceived
  • Worried about the outcome

All the negativity is shed, so you can take action with a sense of confidence and clarity in who you are and what you want. 

You’ll begin to have this sense of belief that everything is happening FOR you (and not to you) and that you’re BECOMING the person you were truly meant to be. 

5 steps to take spiritually aligned action: 

1. Accept where you are. Before you can do anything, you must accept your current situation. Every single choice you’ve made has led you here, and you must trust that this is okay. You may not love where you are (for example, your job, relationships, health status, location, home etc.) but there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change your past. So breathe in, accept where you are, and now you can move forward.

2. Visualize where you want to be. You can’t move forward if you don’t know where you want to go. So be sure to get clear on what you want, before you make any drastic changes. Hint, this is more about who you want to be, opposed to what you want to do. Remember, you’re a human being not a human doing.

Try this! Picture yourself two years from now, living your best life (with no limitations). How do you greet the people you meet? Who are you with? What’s most important to you? What’s making you smile? Answering these questions will help you get a clear vision of the life you want.

3. Identify the gaps. What did you see in your vision that’s missing from your life today? It may help to break your life into the following segments, to ensure that you don’t miss anything: Career/Business, Romance/Significant Other, Health/Fitness, Personal Growth/Learning, Family/Friends. Doing this will show you the gaps between your current and ideal life, so you can draw a map to where you want go.

4. Declare what you want. Based on what’s missing from your life today, what will you choose to focus on? I suggest making three bold statements about what you want to create, followed by three actions that you’ll take to make your declarations a reality. For example, Declaration: “I will meet the man that I’ll marry next year” Action: “I will create a profile on a dating site,” or Declaration: “I will secure 3 dream clients in the next 2 months: Action: “I’ll spend 2 hours going to an industry networking event next Friday.”

5. Manifest your dreams into reality. After you’ve identified what needs to change, and you’ve taken action to make it happen, you can release and surrender and leave room for serendipity to happen. Imagine all the declarations you made have already happened and think about them as if you’re experiencing them now. Try using, “I am…” statements to solidify your belief in yourself. This is where trust comes in and knowing that you deserve a life you love. Keep your vibrations high and let go of any resistance – you’ll attract what you put out!

Now it’s your turn, what’s your first step of taking spiritually aligned action, to make your intentions happen?

Share below, I’d love to hear.

With love and support,



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