Reinvent Yourself, With Confidence

When I first Reinvented Myself, I quit my job and moved to New York to spread my wings and discover who I TRULY am.

I knew that I was meant for more, and trusted that I’d find it OUT THERE somewhere. I remember going into job interviews at MTV, CBS, and ABC and getting offers on the spot.

One senior VP of Sales (at MTV) even said to me:

“Wow, you just don’t meet people like you!”

I think he was referring to my upbeat zest for life and how I confidently OWNED my personality and love for connecting with people. I have always been able to connect with others, quite instantly, and always authentically.

That was (and still is) my superpower .

What I also realized though, is that I would NEVER be able to uncover all of who I am — and become who I’m truly meant to be — by looking externally.

Whether you’re looking in a new city, job, or relationship — you won’t find your answers, until you go within.

When you dig deep and connect with your essence (your values, what you stand for, and what’s important to you) you’ll gain confidence in who you are, clarity in what you want and the courage to design your dream life.

You’ll discover YOUR superpower and be able create a life that matches YOU.

Since that time, I’ve spent over a decade committed to personal development and coaching and I’m SO incredibly grateful that I’ve been able to take all my life experiences (including the failures) and create a step by step framework called YUOLOGY (the study of you!) for modern women who are stuck at a crossroad, find their answers.

In my transformational program called YuSchool

With over 500 graduates, who have Reinvented Themselves, with confidence, this is a proven system. Check out Student Success Stories.

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And don’t worry, you don’t have to drop everything and move to NYC or meditate in Bali for a month. I did all the heavy ground work for you ?.

You deserve to be who you are and become who you’re meant to be. This is just the strategy that’ll help you make it happen.

Now it’s your turn, how would you Reinvent Yourself if you had the confidence to go for it?

Share below, I’d love to hear.

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Thank you for being here and choosing to be you, with confidence.

With love and support,



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