3 Ways To Attract What You Want (hint: it’s not what you think)

There’s a lot of talk about attracting and manifesting what you want. 

But what nobody is telling you, is that if you don’t become what you want first, it’s not going to happen.

At least not at the level that it could. Because that’s how energy works.

Just like the law of cause and effect…

What goes up, must come down; and therefore, what you radiate, you attract back.

Last week (in the middle of covid and while wearing a mask) I had to hit the town and make some new connections for a project that I was doing in just a few days, which I needed help with.

With that, anyone I told of my situation, advised me to reschedule — and I kept hearing things like, “you’re never going to figure this out Tonia.”

As you probably guessed, I figured it out ☺️.

I simply set out with clear intention and strong belief  in myself. I showed up authentically (and with high, positive vibes) and was pleasantly met with equal energy.

I made some new friends / connections too — even in the middle of a pandemic. If anyone can, I can.

The photo is of me, delivering my gratitude in flowers and radiating my deep appreciation ?.

What I want you to know, is that all of this happened because of one thing:

Being what you want, instead of expecting to attract it.

Now it’s your turn. Try these 3 easy steps to start being the energy you want to attract:

  1. Radiate Light. You attract what you put out. So be mindful of how much love (or fear) you are dispensing out of you. This counts with EVERY interaction you make. How are you greeting people you meet? Interacting with your friends/loved ones? Speaking with your clients and colleagues?
  2. Know What You Want. You can’t attract what you don’t know. This is where intention comes in. You must have clarity in what you want, so you’ll know when it arrives. You don’t have to know every single detail, but be clear on what you want, and claim your desires.
  3. Attract Serendipity. Once you’re exuding love and light, you have clarity in what you want, the natural reaction is to start attracting it. You’ll notice that what you talk and think about will start to come into your life and then it’s your choice on whether you let it in.

Then you can release and surrender to the magic that’s waiting to arrive into your life.

If you were to try this out for yourself, what’s the FIRST thing you’d change?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

If you know someone who could use a shift in perspective, share this post.

Thank you for being here and choosing to be you, with confidence.

With love and support,



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