Your younger self needs to hear this…

I don’t know about you, but at times.. I can be so darn hard on myself.

We think we’ve messed up or done something terribly wrong when we’re not in the place we ‘thought’ we would be at this point in our lives.

When all we’ve really done is outgrown our current way of being — and are ready for the next level.

Whether in your career, relationships, living situation, health, location.. or how you’re SHOWING UP in the world.. it is still possible to achieve your dreams.

You just have to commit to YOU and make today the day you choose to start doing the inner work.

Part of that process is re-connecting to your younger self and giving them some LOVE and compassion. 💕

5 things I would tell my younger self ❤️‍🩹.

  • you don’t need external validation to prove your self worth
  • people pleasing will only end up making you dim yourself down and play small
  • the answers you’re looking for can only be found by going within and NOT in a new job, boyfriend, country or anything external from you
  • listen to the whisper within you, it’s your intuition telling you what you need to hear
  • when you’ve outgrown a level of being, find the courage to face your fear of the unknown it’s ALWAYS worth it. 
You are worth it.
Moving forward, you may need to stop people pleasing, chasing external validation and asking everyone else for permission while ignoring what you know is best for you.
Even though it was what we were taught, dimming down and playing small is not what you’re meant to be doing.. and your younger self knows it.
Which may be why you’ve been hearing the whisper even louder lately.
If you’re ready to start the journey to getting unstuck and discovering the freedom of being Unapologetically You.. we should talk.
Click this link: Complimentary Breakthrough Call with Tonia  to book a time to speak with me. We can discuss where you’re at, where you want to be — and who YOU were born to be. Spots limited available.
You’ve done nothing wrong and you’re not broken, you’re just readyyyy for your next level. 🔥
Looking forward to speaking with you.

With so much love and support,

Tonia xo

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