Hi, in case we’ve never met,

I’m Tonia

I’m here to help you reconnect with who you are and what you want so you can finally experience the freedom of being unapologetically you.

Because I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve lost yourself.

Just over 10 years ago – to the outside world – it looked like I had it all together. The job, the car, the lifestyle. And yet on the inside, I was completely lost. It felt like I was playing a role in someone else’s movie. I didn’t know what was wrong or what was missing, and I certainly didn’t know where to look for the answers!

All I knew is that I must have been meant for more than this.

It began as a whisper, but eventually turned into a scream that I couldn’t ignore. So not even knowing exactly what I was looking for, I started on my journey to figure it out.

Without a single contact, work visa or job offer, I gave it all up and moved to one of the toughest cities in the world… New York.

Spoiler alert: my life didn’t magically fall into place.

Despite hitting the pavement, securing 144 meetings and receiving 6 job offers, one by one everything fell through (work visa issues in case you were wondering!) My confidence took a massive hit. I had no job, I was running out of money, and I felt completely alone.

For the first time ever, I couldn’t do anything but ask for help. 

I asked the universe for a sign.

I pleaded for guidance, and when I opened my eyes and looked down, I kid you not, I saw my name, T-O-N-I-A, engraved in the pavement at my feet!

And then it hit me:

Happiness and success had nothing to do with external factors, and everything to do with me.

I had grown so disconnected from myself.

It was time to stop looking outward for my answers; and I needed to start looking within.

The next few years were all about studying myself. I dug into NLP training, became a certified life coach and worked as a consultant on Wall Street doing mindset motivation and confidence building with Goldman Sachs professionals. During the 2008 financial crisis I coached execs from US News, MSNBC, CBS, and Time Out New York.

Over and over again, I saw the devastating impact of what happens when people define themselves by their job title, bank balance, relationship status or number on a scale. First, losing their confidence and eventually, becoming completely disconnected from themselves. It was as if their identity was falling apart at the seams.

What became clear to me through all these experiences is …


I was aching to remind them of who they are and that self-worth (along with the freedom and success that naturally follows), can never be taken from them… because it lies within.

So I created:

Yuology, the study of you

“I changed my entire world”

I was coming out of the depths of Lyme Disease, and had spent two years almost completely debilitated. I was depressed, anxious, unhealthy and a lot of my greatest qualities, including my confidence, enthusiasm and extreme extroversion, had been squashed in the process. Through YuSchool, I was able to clearly identify where I was and where I wanted to go, and I mapped out what needed to change to be able to make it happen. Inspired by Tonia, YuSchool and the supportive community of women in the program, I changed my entire world. I now have a new career that I love and a clear intention & vision for my life. The tools, structure and power that Tonia shares is SO evident, and I know that I will continue to utilize YuSchool as I build my dream life one step at a time.

Elena, Co-Founder

Sabrina & Joan Creative Agency

Everyone’s out there telling you to own your worth, be like Beyonce, and never settle for less... but where’s the instruction manual?

I get it. I got sick of people telling me I had everything I needed within me and yet no one was telling me HOW to find it. That’s why I created Yuology.  And this free guide, The 5 secrets to getting unstuck, discovering your purpose and finally having the confidence to be yourself, unapologetically is the perfect place to start.