" Using The Yuology Method, Tonia pairs inspiration with actionable strategies to help women increase their confidence, develop more resilience, and reach their full potential - inside the workplace and out "

Through keynotes, lunch & learns, in-person and virtual workshops, I use The Yuology Method to help give participants not only the inspiration and motivation they need to step into their full potential, but also the tools and strategies required to create long-lasting change.


Choose from my most popular workshops or reach out to me directly to request something tailored to your organization or event.

Radical Resilience

How to cultivate the resilience to thrive during uncertain times

Mastering mindset

A 3-step method to maximize mindset + productivity while working remotely

YuTalks Series

How to stop playing small and find the courage to use your voice to speak up with confidence and clarity

The power of you

The 5 elements to leverage your authentic self and be who you are – unapologetically

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A true partner in every sense

Tonia made things easy right from the start and throughout our engagement together. She was always professional and timely with any agreed deliverables, but her real differentiators are her empathy, candor, openness and her ability to be totally flexible to the needs of the women in our company. She delivered in multiple time zones and was responsive and caring throughout the workshop series. She bonded with many women globally and continued to support them after the engagement finished — a true partner in every sense. Tonia is a great facilitator and I would highly recommend her.

Adrienne, Director of People Development and Culture

Nutanix (Global tech company)

Tonia has coached executives from

Tonia’s message was powerful to say the least

Tonia was hired as the keynote speaker for our virtual Women’s Summit held on International Women’s Day. She inspired our national group of advisors and leaders with a dynamic and compelling talk on Radical Resilience. Especially during this unprecedented time, Tonia’s message was powerful to say the least. It was meaningful and resonated on many levels with our attendees, and the positive feedback keeps coming in. We are now speaking with Tonia about additional services and coaching options to see where we can possibly go next!

Stephanie, Business Development Consultant

Sun Life Financial

I respect myself more, own my worth… and I’ve even been promoted!

Rouchand, Recruiting Director

Nutanix (Global tech company)

I was looking to ‘find my voice’ and to feel comfortable ‘speaking up’ in a group setting (not being afraid or stressing over how my comments would sound or land with the group)… so I enrolled in YuSchool and hired Tonia as my coach. I’ve since gained confidence to ask questions, use my voice and not be afraid to speak up — which I’ve applied in my role. I now feel like I respect myself more, own my worth… and I’ve even been promoted!

The Yuology Method

The Yuology Method is a framework that guides students through a five-pillar process connecting to their Vulnerability, Authenticity, Curiosity, Intention and Intuition. It teaches confidence, clarity and the courage to be who you are, by utilizing your inner strengths and resources; instead of relying on
external forces.

Over the past five years, founder Tonia Mattu, has worked with over 500 people, who have applied the framework and made major transformations in their careers and lives as a whole.

This work has been life altering!

Imposter syndrome was a common theme for me. I struggled with the confidence in my professional identity. Working with Tonia helped me to identify the causes of my beliefs that were keeping me from reaching my full potential and replace them with different perspectives that were much more empowered. I’ve benefited in my public speaking and meeting presence, my confidence in my work ethic and output, and personally, in turning my self-talk from that which was not so positive to a much more empowered and self-aware dialogue that keeps me confident in myself. With much care, Tonia showed me the way to a much more confident, authentic, curious and intuitive life. This work has been life altering!

George, Strategic Partnership Manager

Nutanix (Global tech company)


There are countless women currently in the workplace, fully capable and qualified of stepping into leadership roles but never putting themselves forward because of imposter syndrome. Full of brilliant ideas but lacking the confidence to speak up. Able to bring so much value to their role, but crippled with limiting beliefs so keep playing safe.

We need these women to step into their full potential. Not only for their own benefit, but for the companies they work for (or own), the lives they will touch, and the future generations they’ll pass these roles onto.

And since how we show up in one area of our lives is how we show up in all of them, it’s only natural that The Yuology Method and what it teaches is just as applicable in our professional lives as our personal.

Interested in bringing Yuology to your organization OR EVENT?