Hey there YuBoss,

I keep getting the same questions about YuSchool from the YuBoss community, and thought it would be a good idea to compile one simple page to answer them all!

If you read through this and still have questions about the delivery, content, pricing or super-sweet bonuses of YuSchool, hit me up, girl! I’d love to chat.

A YuSchool class is currently in session. If you sign up now, you’ll get instant access to the course material, you’ll be added to the private YuSchool FB group, and you’ll receive emails from me for the next 6 weeks to keep you on track.

You can 100% do YuSchool on your own. I highly suggest you at least give it a try with the first cohort, because we all tend to fare better with a little accountability and teamwork, but I get that that’s not everyone’s jam.

The life of your dreams! And to make that happen, you get:

  • 37 professionally produced, interactive videos, delivered on an easy-to-use learning platform
    A 100-page workbook, including tools and exercises that you immediately apply to your real life
    The ability to download audio from each video so you can listen to YuSchool while on a run, on the bus, or travelling to some fabulous destination.
  • A set 6 week schedule to keep you on track and on target — you’ll be emailed every week with your new module and guided through the week to come. Or a self-paced format, if that’s your style — you get to choose.
  • A private Facebook group for you and fellow YuBosses (from your class), where you can ask questions, get feedback, and get all kinds of love through the process.
  • Weekly live, 90-minute Q&A sessions with Tonia to get some up-front advice and guidance for making the most of YuSchool.

Every single YuSchool student gets access to a weekly 90-minute group Q&A call with me. This is a great time to ask questions, get feedback, and move through any blocks you’re experiencing.

If you know that you benefit from one-on-one guidance and mentorship, there are also a few premium options and add-ons available for you.

Wow, where do I even start? I’ve had YuBosses create thriving businesses, rediscover the passion that drove them into entrepreneurship and start CRUSHING it in sales, meet the man of their dreams, revitalize their marriage, lose crazy weight and get healthy… the options are kind of endless when you connect with yourself and start living with authenticity & bold courage.

That being said, you’ll get out of YuSchool what you put into it. If you’re committed to gaining confidence and clarity, and being BOLD, you’ll do just that – and it’ll give you the courage to create whatever it is you’ve been wanting the most.

Any other questions, boss babe? Hit me up!

Questions answered and ready to take the plunge?
Be bold. Be confident. Be YOU.
XX, Tonia