Become exactly who you
were meant to be.

Let me guess, you're...
  • Putting yourself out there, all pretty, perfect and polished, when in reality you feel like an enormous fraud?
  • Comparing yourself to everyone under the sun, while you obsessively scroll their social media feeds?
  • Still living your life based on your parent’s / husband’s / boss’s / client’s / kid’s / cousin’s pet chihuahua’s expectations of you?

Girl, enough is enough.

Success starts the moment you choose to be you.

Tonia is not only a beautiful person inside and out, she also possesses a positive, vibrant aura that’s contagious when you’re around her, and you can’t help but feel inspired.

Christina, Executive Assistant

Somewhere along the line you lost sight of who you are and what you really want.

You started living life based on everyone else’s expectations.

You buried your passion and desires.

And you haven’t seen a glimpse of your dream life since.

Sound familiar? If so, here are the straight goods:

Your life’s not going to change unless you do. Are you ready?

Hey! I’m Tonia.

I’m a life-stylist, world adventurer, and a connoisseur of connection.

I’m in awe of the magic of serendipity.

I want you to be, too.

Tonia has coached executives from

Stop waiting to live your dream life.
Choose to be you, with confidence.