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Tonia Mattu is a Canadian born, certified life coach, author, founder of YUOLOGY, and creator of YuSchool — a 6-week life design framework that teaches confidence and clarity in service of building a dream life.

Graduating from Royal Roads University with a Bachelor in Commerce, Tonia started her career in media sales, where she overachieved targets, and became a top performer, breaking all-time records.

Craving a deeper, more impactful life, she moved to New York City to advance her career and live the fast paced energy of the Big Apple. During this experience, she faced some challenges that led her to reevaluate her goals, and she realized that she needed to stop looking outward for answers, and she needed to start looking within.

She spent the next few years diving into personal development, earning certifications as a life coach, and neuro linguistic programming practitioner from the NLP center of New York. She then became a consultant, doing mindset motivation and confidence building with Goldman Sachs professionals. During the 2008 financial crisis, she coached executives from US News, MSNBC, CBS, and Time Out New York.

During this time, Tonia identified a strong need for a more powerful tool in the personal development industry, something individuals could not only relate to, but also implement into their lives to make real, transformative change.

Utilizing her experiences, Tonia developed a life design framework to take individuals from stuck and disconnected, to confident and crystal clear on who they are and what they want. It’s called YUOLOGY, the study of you.

To find out more about Tonia, read her story here.

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