10 Signs You’re Ready to Reinvent Yourself

You’re probably here because you’re feeling...
  • STUCK. You can’t make a decision without weighing out a million scenarios, binge watching 10 hours of Netflix, making a dozen pros/cons lists, and eating your entire stock of cheat day chocolate.
  • FAKE. You’re posting pretty pictures of a perfect life, but they’re so far from your reality “imposter” could be your middle name.
  • LOST. Two words: Cross. Roads. You’re at one. It’s scary. The opportunity to re-invent yourself is right there, but you can’t even take one tiny step forward.
Good news, girl:

All of your problems can be solved by one simple, beautiful, powerful solution: You.

Reinvent Yourself with this easy 5-step formula

10 signs you're totally ready to Reinvent Yourself:
  • You feel like your cubicle (or home office) is a suffocating jail cell.
  • You’re counting the seconds until the weekend or your next vacation.
  • You act like a wallflower at events because you feel so out of place, and impostor syndrome is creeping in.
  • You’re contemplating quitting your job or going travelling to “find yourself”.
  • You’re shopping, partying, taking multiple latte breaks – anything to avoid the ordinary.
  • You’re FaceTiming your mom on the daily to gripe about your problems, and bitch about your life.
  • You spend an unhealthy amount of time on social media comparing yourself to people you don’t even know.
  • You’re writing crazy to-do lists and creating massive goals that you can’t possibly measure up to.
  • You’re home, alone, in your pyjamas, and you haven’t washed your hair in three days.
  • The “laptop lifestyle” and idea of “freedom” feel like a total pipe dream.
If this sounds familiar, there’s a good chance you’re staring out your window, thinking WTF — Is this really my life?! and scrambling to find a way to make it right.
Reinvent Yourself with this Easy 5-Step Formula

Thoughts you might be having...

  • I should just accept that I’m ordinary.
  • I’m not pretty / rich / smart / talented / young enough to have my dream life.
  • Everyone else is doing better than I am.
  • I’ve never stood out before, and nothing I do will change that.
  • So many people have it worse than me — who am I to want more?
  • Only selfish, greedy people get everything they want.

Claim your power.
Own your badass self.
Get the life you deserve.

Reinventing yourself will have you:

  • Dressing exactly how you want and not giving an F.
  • Asking for that raise or promotion you know you deserve.
  • Attracting the clients you actually want to work with.
  • Hanging with other lady-bosses who support you through the shit storms, and give you mad love when you’re rising from the ashes.
  • Learning to use that beautiful two-letter word — no — when you have as much on your plate as an all-you-can eat Vegas buffet.
  • Crushing your health and fitness goals — not because you’re desperate to change yourself, but because you love how it makes you feel.
  • Making an impact and a bold impression with your presence alone — no faking it, no attention-grabbing, zero desperation — just you, with confidence.

Don't quit your daydream.

Reinvent Yourself with this Easy 5-Step Formula
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Success starts the moment you choose to be you.