Discover YOUR

Signature Presence


Discover YOUR

Signature Presence


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Let’s get started…

Step 1
Gain Clarity

The Life Wheel

You’ll start with a snapshot view of your life as it is right now, today. Next, I’ll help you identify the gap between where you are and where you truly want to be so that you can begin to build a bridge between the two. You’ll wrap this up a woman on a mission with a crystal clear plan of action and on your way to becoming your highest self.

Step 2
Identify your Greatness

Powerful Perspectives

It can be hard to be objective about ourselves. Sometimes it’s easier to look in the mirror and avoid seeing who we are, and we forget about our magnificence. That’s why I’m going to help you get a little outside perspective that will give you an awareness of your unique gifts and the value that you bring to every room. You’ll complete this lesson with greater confidence. 

Step 3
Visualize Your Dream Life

Future Self Visualization

Now that you’ve gained clarity about where you are and the confidence of knowing your value, it’s time to look towards the future. This visualization exercise will give you a clear picture of the life you want. Then I’ll guide you through setting your intention and taking aligned action with the courage to become your true, authentic self!

Success from YOUR Signature Presence

“I can finally say that I’m proud of who I am.”

- Vanja, Credit Analyst at Herschel Supply Co.

“I have a new career that I love, clear intention & vision for my life.”

- Christina, Executive Assistant

“I finally feel like I can be myself with no boundaries.”

- Kylie, Mom of 3 and Producer, Stage Lab

“I now feel empowered, supported, and ready to take on life with excitement again.”

- Theresa, Co-Founder, Co+Qo Inc.

“For the first time in my life, I feel like I can finally be me!”

- Jessica, Photographer

Who is Tonia Mattu?

Tonia Mattu is known as The Magnificence Mastery Coach, helping modern spiritual women gain confidence in who they are, clarity in what they want, and the courage to design their dream lives.

As the founder of YUOLOGY (the study of you!) and creator of a unique, self-mastery method, Tonia teaches ‘success by being who you are’ by connecting to the five internal elements: Vulnerability, Authenticity, Curiosity, Intention, and Intuition.

Tonia has been a media sales professional in Vancouver, a mindset and motivation coach in New York City, and an NLP practitioner. She’s coached execs from US News, MSNBC, CBS, Dow Jones and Time Out New York. She’s writing her first book that will be published in the spring of 2021.

Tonia has coached executives from

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