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"1:1 coaching with Tonia will help you accelerate your transformation, deepen your understanding of self, and unlock your potential so you can own your brilliance, unapologetically"

If you feel like you’ve hit your own glass ceiling, whether that’s with your career path, your earning potential, your love life or even your confidence to be seen and heard, there’s always a reason. But identifying what’s keeping you stuck can be challenging to do on your own. Working with a coach will help you uncover those blocks, break out of the old patterns that are keeping you there, and co-create a clear vision and a strategy to find the freedom, passion and purpose you thought you’d lost.

Hannah, Director of Operations

Rx Testing LLC

“I met the love of my life, quit my corporate job and began running a company that pays me far more than ever before!”

My results are beyond what I could have dreamt they would be. I made incredible friendships, met the love of my life (we’ve just bought a home together and are planning our future), quit my corporate job, and began running a company that pays me far more than ever before. I determine my worth now — and there’s no limits. All of this is attributed to my revelations in Yuology. Around how to spend my energy, be true to my intuition and to play on my strengths. All-in-all, the transformation that took place in the Mastery coaching with Tonia are invaluable. I grew as a woman, as a professional, as a friend and as a partner. Thank you, Tonia. My life is forever changed!!

Spark sessions with tonia

On demand coaching to [re]ignite your spark

Sometimes no matter how hard you’re trying to “do the work” (the mantras, the mediations, positive thinking…) you can still get stuck. Frustration and overwhelm kicks in, thoughts like “are things ever going to get better?” go through your head, and you may end up feeling like you’ve lost your spark.

Spark Sessions are designed to help get you out of that rut by providing the clarity you’re missing, perspective to understand what you truly want and need, and confidence to take the next steps.

These sessions aren’t about fluffy feel-good advice. We’ll create an action plan using The Yuology Method to get you from where you are today to where you want to be. And we’ll have fun while we’re doing it!

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Anybody! Whether you’re a past or present YuSchool student, a previous Mastery client or you’ve never worked with Tonia before – these sessions are designed to provide instant clarity, breakthroughs and action steps to move forward.



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Click the button below and pay for your session. Then you’ll receive an email to choose a convenient time from Tonia’s calendar and your custom workbook to get started. Easy!

“I respect myself more, own my worth… and I’ve even been promoted!”

I was looking to ‘find my voice’ and to feel comfortable ‘speaking up’ in a group setting (not being afraid or stressing over how my comments would sound or land with the group)… so I enrolled in YuSchool and hired Tonia as my coach. I’ve since gained confidence to ask questions, use my voice and not be afraid to speak up — which I’ve applied in my role. I now feel like I respect myself more, own my worth… and I’ve even been promoted!

Rouchand, Recruiting Director

Nutanix (Global tech company)

YuSchool Mastery

[3 month private coaching with Tonia]

There’s nothing quite like going on a journey with a coach who is fully invested in your transformation. YuSchool Mastery pairs the proven Yuology Method with next-level support from a highly qualified and experienced coach so you can unlock even deeper self-understanding and acceptance, step into the most authentic version of yourself and attract abundance in all forms.

What it's for
What's Included
Who it's for
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Due to limited availability, YuSchool Mastery is by application only. Click the button below to book a complimentary Breakthrough Call with Tonia to get to know each other and make sure you’re the right fit to work together.

George, Strategic Partnership Manager

Nutanix (Global tech company)

“This work has been life altering”

Imposter syndrome was a common theme for me. I struggled with the confidence in my professional identity. Tonia made it safe for me to answer some tough questions and it was clear she was invested in my success. Working with Tonia helped me to identify the causes of my beliefs that were keeping me from reaching my full potential and replace them with different perspectives that were much more empowered. I’ve benefited in my public speaking and meeting presence, my confidence in my work ethic and output, and personally, in turning my self-talk from that which was not so positive to a much more empowered and self-aware dialogue that keeps me confident in myself. With much care, Tonia showed me the way to a much more confident, authentic, curious and intuitive life. This work has been life altering!

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Book a complimentary call with Tonia to truly understand what’s keeping you stuck and playing small so you can see what needs to shift in order to experience the freedom and confidence you’ve been craving.

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Meet with Tonia on Zoom for 30 minutes to dive into what’s going on in your life, where you want to go and what’s getting in the way


If we both agree it’s a good fit, you’ll have the opportunity to secure a spot in my YuSchool Mastery program and lock in your first session together!

Not looking for 1:1 coaching but want to experience The Yuology Method for yourself or share it with your organization?

“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I finally feel free and excited about life again”

Jamie, Founder

Styling the Inside

“I am now making more money than I was while working four jobs before – and I get to go to work everyday and feel happy and fulfilled while doing it”

Hannah, Executive Assistant

World Class

“I now have a new career that I love and a clear intention & vision for my life”

Elena, Co-Founder

Sabrina & Joan Creative Agency